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Summer Filming: Day 3

     I have learned my lesson. No Monsta in the morning means suffering for me. No breakfast at all means evil, crabby, sick feeling. On the way to set this morning I stopped by Starbucks for a grande soy chai and a cup of their steel-cut oatmeal.

YUM! I used half of their brown sugar packet, half of the mixed nuts packet, and most of the mixed dried fruits. My tummy was happy.
     First things first: MAKEUP. The most important thing for me. You can’t help but feel pretty when you’ve been airbrushed to high heaven. Can I get my makeup airbrushed on in real life too, please?
Getting my makeup done makes me feel special.
     Unfortunately, we were so busy today that I didn’t get many pictures. We filmed 3+3/8 pages, which in film world means a LONG, BUSY day. There were slingshots, bikes, tiki torches, peacocks and wasps involved. Lunch came right on time.
Spicy fried chicken, salad, steamed veggies and a small bit of paella.
     After lunch we had some more slingshot work to do, and then changed locations and I had my sobbing scene. I love having some crazy emotional scenes. So much fun! In the end, we were fighting the light. Our last scene of the day was at sunset, and we jammed a lot of shots into a small amount of time. I was sprinting “back to one” to reset the scenes, but we got it all in!
     After we wrapped, I got to go home!!! I get to sleep in my own bed tonight, and I could not be more excited! When I got back, my roommate heated up a big bowl of corn chowder for me (yes, we’re slightly obsessed), and poured me a glass of red wine.
I win!
     I was hoping to sleep in tomorrey before I had to head off for the night shoot, but a last minute audition came in and I’ll be out the door by 9:30am. Sleeping shall be had on set tomorrow night, at the beach. Yeah, filming at the beach will be hard :).
     Okay, yet again I must leave you to pass out and sleep as much as possible before my alarm goes off tomorrow. 
Bon nuit!! 


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Summer Filming: Day 1

     Tired. So tired. I went to bed around 11pm last night, and woke up at 5am this morning to get to set. I set up all my Monsta stuff so I could wake, blend and go, but that didn’t happen. Breakfast was a banana and a big mug of coffee on the road.

I arrived to set, which was cloaked in thick fog and wonderfully chilly.
I gulped down another cup of coffee and ate an Oats ‘N Honey bar while getting my makeup DID.
     We shot the master of one of the first scenes as well as a few close-ups which took a few hours, then broke for lunch.
Yay, catering! Thanks Jenny (our amazing producer)!
Check out how artsy this photo is! Oh yeah, I’m that good. I had a spinach and strawberry salad, a small scoop of chicken divan and a big old slice of garlic bread. Then I had another big old slice of garlic bread.
Hi-jinks were had. I took a walk around the park and checked out some of the trails.
We shot at O’Neill Regional Park in Trabuco Canyon. For those of you who don’t know, that’s FAR. I’m down in Orange for the remainder of the weekend.
Lots of gorgeous trails and buildings to see.
The interior of that car was HOT! Our awesome co-star/stunt driver Jordan kept stalling the stick shift. It was pretty epic – but to be fair, he did learn to use a stick over the course of 15 minutes this very morning!
Cookies were had. Multiple cookies.
     Now I’m chilling in my room, realizing that I didn’t have dinner and I’m pretty frikkin’ hungry, but too tired to go out and eat. I think tomorrey I’ll be raiding the craft services table for the first few hours. Now I’m going to go pass out! Call time for tomorrow (yes, we’re shooting on a Sunday :-/) is 7am. I will most definitely be sleeping on set, and taking pictures of co-stars. 
When’s the last time you spent an entire Saturday in a national park?


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