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Magic Doorstops!

Today was a day for something new and exciting – something I’ve never done before. I MADE BREAD!!!
Now, I’ve made the typical banana bread, popped open some crescent roll tubes and slammed them on a baking sheet, but I’ve never made bread that requires you to activate the yeast, assemble your own selection of different types of oatmeals and grains, and actually baked a loaf of bread.
Lately I’ve been craving some whole grains and carbs and, rather than run out to the store and grab a processed, plastic-wrapped, frozen and then thawed loaf, I hit up our new local Sprouts store. They have an amazing bulk foods section where you can get as much, or as little of any type of dry food that you want. The cost for this shopping trip came out to be pretty cheap for the whole wheat flour, flax meal, wheat germ, walnuts and yeast. Everything else I found in the cupboards.

Assembled ingredients: Daunting!!!
All the ingredients getting mixed together
My feeble attempts at kneading… I look scared!
Post-rise! Does it look any different?
And sliced!!!
I must say, when I first pulled the bread out of the oven, I was really disappointed. The thing weighed about 10lbs, and was completely raw and doughy on the inside. I cut myself a piece from the middle and then stuck the rest back in the oven. The first bite changed my whole attitude. Delicious!!! It has a really chewy texture – I credit the steel cut oats I soaked, drained and threw in, and it’s chock full of chopped walnuts and sprinkled with wheat germ. It’s very heavy, but the flavor is really good! The recipe is from (I cut this in half to make one loaf). My personal add-a-grains were pre-soaked steel cut oatmeal, rolled oats, flax meal and wheat germ. I also used honey instead of molasses, unsweetened soy milk instead of regular milk, and olive oil. Definitely a recipe I’d recommend if you can get over the fact that it feel like a doorstop!
Of course, I didn’t start the day by cooking bread. I started it with a breakfast scramble, and then headed here!
This is halfway up the trail we hike almost every single morning. It was a little hazy today, but where you’re looking is where the ocean is!
I’m a blessed, blessed girl 🙂 We had a warm 56 minute hike that had a nice cool breeze, and unfortunately, a lot of people. I guess everyone is starting their summer vacations, which doesn’t make me happy. I like MY park to be empty! I may get a little territorial – has anyone noticed that?
After the bread-making debacle-turned-success, I heated up a simple lunch: Lemony quinoa with some shredded leftover chicken that we had in the fridge from Memorial Day.
Blackberries and a slice of my freshly made bread smothered in a tablespoon of peanut butter with flax seed made up dessert.
As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I haven’t been sticking to my no-beer goal. Here’s my outlook: one drink a day, if you’re of legal age, has been found to be good for your heart. I’m definitely not perfect when it comes to my diet, and I’m okay with that. Plus, Fat Tire kicks ass and you only live once, so why not enjoy it?
I also found out that the film I was supposed to start on Saturday has been pushed until August. Now I’m left with 10 days off from work (unless I can get some hours back – fingers crossed, I need the money!) and nothing to do – except perhaps have another go at a different type of homemade bread?
For now I have to go and get ready for a 4 hour shift at work. Dinner will be some sliced up bell peppers with my homemade tomato-basil hummus and probably another serving of lunch. I wish I had time to hop on my bike, but my scheduling with work, plus having a sick-day yesterday hasn’t allowed for it. I’ll be sure to get back to it before this weekend rolls around, especially now that I may have an entire week to myself! Maybe I’ll work on my mileage since I have the time and train for that century ride that I’m hoping to do before the end of the year… Hey, you gotta aim high, otherwise where’s the fun?


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Rainy Days

Kitchen Sink Salad – possibly one of the best inventions my mother has ever come up with (along with the Breakfast Scramble). For dinner last night, KSS was on the menu. The recipe is excessively simple and you get a massive amount of veggies to fill up your daily quota.

Kitchen Sink Salad:
1 bag of lettuce (any kind is good, but I recommend a spring mix or baby greens)
1 bell pepper, diced
1 small zucchini, chopped and sauteed in 1 teaspoon of olive oil and a sprinkling of Herbes de Provence (available at any grocery store) until soft
1/2 cup of warm, cooked lentils
1/2 cup of Trader Joe’s Spicy Ranchero Egg White Salad
1 tsp Extra Virgin olive oil
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp whole grain mustard
Simply throw everything into a gigantic bowl, mix and gorge!
The main calories come from the lentils (120 calories for the 1/2 cup), but you also get a nice 9 grams of protein and no fat! The egg white salad also throws in 7 grams of protein so you finish this meal feeling plenty satisfied, plus you’ve just knocked out 4 servings of veggies for the day!
I went on a 45 minute bike ride last night, of which the last 300 feet nearly KILLED me. I need to mention that I live on top of a mountain. And by mountain, I mean a really really steep hill. I got a good workout prior to heading back home, but the last slope to reach the driveway is painful! Luckily I had the KSS waiting for me as well as some wild caught Alaskan Cod. Perfect way to end the day. It was only missing the Fat Tire that I’ve sworn off of until I’m done filming mid-June.
This morning I woke up to a misty morning. Had my usual breakfast scramble (the fridge is re-stocked! Yay!) that starts me off with another crazy amount of veggies.
Breakfast Scramble:
1/2 zucchini, chopped and sauteed until soft
1/2 bell pepper, chopped and sauteed until soft
3-4 asparagus, chopped and sauteed until soft
2 cups of spinach, chopped and sauteed until wilted
After all the veggies are sauteed, push them to the side of the pan, then scramble 1-2 eggs on the other half. Once the eggs are set, mix it all together, then top with either 1/2 cup of fresh salsa or a few dashes of jalapeno sauce.
After an amazing meal and a lot of cleanup, we headed out to the trails for another easy 52 minute hike in the light rain. I think the bike ride yesterday pretty much drained all of my body’s resources, so this one was pure torture, but it always feels amazing to be done and be pumped full of those endorphins.
I was going to get home and go on another bike ride, but considering I haven’t been on a bike consistently in over 2 years, I decided to not risk the wet roads and crazy Cali drivers. Instead, I made my version of rice pudding.
Rice Pudding:
1/2 cup warm, cooked brown rice
1/8 cup unsweetened soy milk
Drizzle of pure maple syrup
Dash of cinnamon
Stir in a mug and eat while watching the rain. It’s a nice way to get your whole grains in and cure a sweet tooth while getting some protein as well.
Since I couldn’t bike, after I finished off some leftover Alaskan Cod and half a banana, I decided to go get some much-needed workout clothes. I hit up Sports Chalet with a hot mug of unsweetened Jasmine Green tea and got 2 dry-fit shirts, then went to a bike shop and got some even MORE needed padded bike shorts. After a few days on that bike, sitting down anywhere is enough to bring tears to your eyes!
Of course, now the sun is out and the roads seem to be calling me. The question is, give my body a rest, eat some bell peppers and spicy hummus and start a dinner of quinoa (pronounced Keen-Wa), roasted zucchini and butternut squash, or go outside and receive the pain I’m bound to get…

Decisions, decisions…


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