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Figueroa Mountain Brewing Tasting Room

Figueroa Mountain opened up a tasting room and brewery in Santa Barbara in the beginning of June!
am13Figueroa Mountain’s new tasting room is located at 137 Anacapa Street in Santa Barbara, California. Off the beaten path and with plenty of parking. Hooray times two!
am6The first thing you get to see when you walk in is the shiny new 7bbl system (a la Premier Stainless) and a handful of 15bbl fermentors. The headbrewer A.J. Stoll is there at least two times a week, brewing up some experimentals for the onsite tasting room.
amThey have all the regulars on tap…
am5…plus a few specialties.
am3Since I’ve had all the regulars (multiple times), I went for a new one.
am2Irish Stout. Rich and chocolately with a crisp and dry finish.
am1Happiness in a taster glass. Can’t wait to try this on nitro!
am7The tasting room is bright and open with cool ocean breeze wafting through the patio.
am9Alas, if I didn’t have to drive, I could’ve relaxed here all day, breathing in the fresh ocean air.
am10And once all the taps are filled, I WILL be here all day, breathing in the fresh ocean air. And with a designated driver!
am8I will also be stocking up on new fashionable accessories.
am11I can honestly say that Figueroa Mountain is one of my favorite California breweries (adding to a relatively long list, but when I love a brewery, I take pride in repping them), and I can’t wait to be back!

Happy humpday! I’m off to Colorado for the Gnarly Barley Fest tomorrey!


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Celebrating Freedom

I finished/aced both of my classes and finals! I’ve been taking online classes since I travel so much and don’t have time to actually show up to a class in person, and on Wednesday I completed them! Now I can put all of my focus where it belongs – Studying for the Cicerone test. My cousin Allie also finished her midterms, so we decided that it was time for a day of celebration.
Everyone should celebrate with deep fried foods. Doesn’t matter what the occasion is: Get a new puppy? Eat something deep fried. Birthday? Eat something deep Fried. Diagnosed with high cholesterol? Well, maybe have only half of something that’s deep fried…
I just had to get another look at that delicious, crispy goodness. Le sigh.
After walking around the harbor, we headed over to downtown Ventura, did a little bit of Christmas shopping and ended up at Bernadette’s on Main for a relaxing drink in the sunset.
Allie got her wine and I got a pint of Figueroa Mountain Davy Brown which they recently got on tap – warm and nutty with a hint of sweet caramel. Easy drinkability – case in point?
Example 1.
Example 2.
Then we got “creative” and decided that taking ridiculous amounts of pictures of sunglasses and us modeling the sunglasses would be a good idea. It wasn’t.
Beer + pretending to model with a pensive look = Same boring face I always make.
Wine + someone who is actually a model = Classy palm tree reflections and beauty.

I’m off to bake mass quantities of Christmas cookies! I’m sure no one out there is tired of seeing Christmas cookie posts!


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