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Also known as rock climbing. Also known as “holy crap, I didn’t know I had these muscles!”. I tried to prepare for a night of rock climbing as best as I know how.
Indian buffet. Isn’t that protocol for pre and post workouts? It is in MY book!
I got a Groupon a few months ago for half off of an open climb at Boulderdash in Westlake Village. I did a teeny, tiny bit of rock climbing when I was younger and loved it, so I pounced on this deal.
Then, I let months go by until it was almost expired before I actually forced myself out of my comfort zone and into the gym.
I’m so glad I did! This place is wonderful, and all the staff are extremely kind and helpful. I climbed up a variety of easy to painfully inverted routes for the first open gym time and after, they offered to let me stay and try out the bouldering and traversing section.
I thought it over for a while, then felt the sharp knife-like pain shooting through my feet from the tight climbing shoes, and recalled that I just HAD to be home by 6:30pm for a prior engagement.
Labyrinth – a new (to me) beer that Janelle and her husband brought to my attention when we were tasting at Wades last week. This beauty clocks in at 13.2%ABV, pours a delicious burgundy color and offers up an extremely sweet raisin aroma with just a hint of anise. It’s very full bodied and malty, full of rich chocolate tones, caramel and sweet raisin. Did I mention it clocks in at 13.2%ABV?
I also had to finish up with the final movie of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. 6 discs in 4 days = LoTR geek overload. Now it’s over. I’m lost and sad. Halfway through the final disc, I started feeling the marrow of my bones begin to scream and ache from climbing, and the rope burn from belaying too fast start to sear through my shoulder. My muscles – they crave more!

I’m thinking a rock climbing membership may be in my future… Since I’m all out of Lord of the Rings discs…


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