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SD Picture Bomb


Life is a bit busy right now prepping to move for my new job, so this blog will mainly be pictures to recap the rest of my latest San Diego trip.
My mumsie and I rented bikes and cruised around the harbor for three hours.
Super-yacht Atessa.
Mini-super-yacht Remote.
Ballast Point Homebrew Shop and tasting room.
Getting two growlers filled with Bourbon barrel aged Black Marlin and Victory at Sea.
Tasting the Sour Wench Blackberry Ale – tart and bready!
Tasting Indra Kunindra Curry Stout and Thai Chili Ginger Lime Wahoo – both had wonderful aromas, but the flavor was overwhelmed with spices and undrinkable.
A view of the homebrew shop from the tasting counter.
The original Ballast Point Brewery – now used for all the special/limited edition beers.
Iron Fist Brewing Company!
Delicious Uprising Trippel IPA!
Beautiful 30 bbl fermentors in the brewery.
Sliders from the food truck outside, The Lime Truck!
Spicy chicken wings – painfully delectable!
Blistered bok choy.
Freshly made french fries topped with tender pulled pork, guacamole, sour cream, and honey-chipotle slaw. Holy geez, was this amazing. The chicken wings and these fries were the highlights of the meal.
The sun setting in San Diego – a metaphor for the end of my trip/blog.

Back to packing!


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San Diego Bombardment!

I was blessed enough to be able to have a mid-week weekend down in San Diego with our family friends. Prepare for an onslaught of pictures.
Stone Brewing – I made my own flight: Oaked Arrogant Bastard, Black IPA, IPA and Smoked Porter.
Depressing Beer Mac ‘n Cheese. This was not even half as good as the first time I went there! They served it in a mini bowl with three pieces of sausage and still charged an insane amount. Mac ‘n Sadness.
Pictures of my pops taking pictures of me in the beer garden. We’re cool like that.
Our families spent the evening sipping fine brews, wines and playing charades. My throat still hurts from laughing so much. I loves me these people!

Next day!
Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern. Turkey chili and an albacore tuna melt on parmesan-crusted bread. HEAVENLY!
Three-quarters of our family friends: Dave, Terry and Jenn.
The other quarter – Bryce and me, being ourselves.
Walking the harbor after lunch at Jimmy’s.
The view at Cabrillo National Park.
The monument at the park.
Pops and Bryce pretending to be normal…
Pops and Bryce being themselves.
Pretty aperture.
Gazing at the military base.
Museum a la park.
Preserved inside of the lighthouse.
Gorgeous ocean views.
A beautiful bathroom overlooking the ocean. A bathroom I wouldn’t mind living in.
Definitely wouldn’t mind the view.
Peaceful sigh.
Concert time!
Gorgeous venue – Anthology.
FOOD! Organic chicken breast over truffle risotto.
Beer!!! Mission IPA.
Dave Mason. Awesomeness.

Look familiar?
Growler fills at Hess Brewing – Barleywine and coffee porter. My pops says that their barleywine is his all-time favorite, and that’s saying something! He’s very picky about his barleywines. Thanks to tasting room manager Michael Skubic for letting me drop by early – (your mini-growler awaits you at Enegren Brewing)! And good to meet you, Curtis! I didn’t find out what you were planning on brewing with all the grains you got!
Iron Fist! Growler fill of Velvet Glove and a quick taster of the Martial Law.

SLEEP TIME! Up early to go to the shooting range! Fancy heeled boots and guns – yay or nay?


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Iron Fist Brewing Company

Read about the previous visits: Hess Brewing, Ballast Point, Stone Brewing Company and Bistro.

Our final stop for the San Diego trip was at Iron Fist Brewing Company – another place that wasn’t open on Tuesdays, but allowed us in to check it out.
Iron Fist is located in a relatively large facility and has done incredibly well with distribution, especially considering it’s just over a year old. If you’re lucky enough to live in Southern California or Hawaii, their delicious brews can be found there!
One of the owners/brewers gave us a tour of the place and we got to try some beer straight from the fermentor.
They’d recently made a beer called Martial Law: a Belgian Strong Ale with cognac soaked oak chips and sour cherries thrown straight into the fermentor. On tap, this is absolutely delightful! It’s always nice to try something that’s completely out of the ordinary, especially when it works out so well!

We also got a chance to try some Velvet Glove (my dad’s personal favorite) on nitro!
I was hoping for a growler of this, but as you can see from the simple taster above it didn’t work out… Nitro + growler does not work. Sadness. I got a growler of the regular Velvet Glove instead.
Their growlers are ridiculously heavy-duty and awesome! They’re a bit more pricey than most growlers I’ve gotten, but well worth it for the design. This will be the new centerpiece in my room. It’s that incredible.
Seriously heavy duty.
All growlers aspire to this, I’m sure.
I’m hoping to get down there one last time before Martial Law is gone for good (it’s only going to be brewed twice… So far…).

That ends our brewery tour! Next to catch up with posts about crazy amounts of Thanksgiving foods and the off-flavor tasting I went to for my Cicerone studies last night.

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