CBC12: Part One

I have no idea how many parts to this there will be. You may be getting a play-by-play as the Craft Brewers Conference occurs down here in San Diego. For a real time play-by-play, follow me on Twitter. Obscene amounts of pictures will be uploaded throughout the days.

We got in at 11pm last night and hit up an incredibly divey dive bar, passed out around 1am and woke up a few hours later to pick up badges.
Already saw beer “celebs” like Greg Koch and Randy Clemens from Stone Brewing at the free breakfast provided by the conference.
Breakfast burrito. Free. Awesome. I’m really not picky when it comes to free food. Or food in general, actually…
Mass amounts of coffee were consumed. A majority of the attendees looked a little dazed and weary after the welcome reception at the San Diego Zoo last night. After seeing them trudging through the breakfast line, sunglasses glued into place, I was a little glad we’d arrived so late. Starting the CBC with a hangover is for those with experience. I’m not quite there yet.
I perused the delicious seminar menu – none of which I’m invited to with the floor pass only. Oh well, beer booths and free stuff it is!
After being stopped at the door to the keynote session, I slunk back to the hotel with my free beers in hand and posted this blog. Now I’m heading back since the floor is opening at 11am and there are an obscene amount of booths that need to be checked out by yours truly.

My Camelbak is loaded with water and Advil. Let’s do this.

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