The Last Day

Today is my last full day in California! Amidst the panic of last minute details and hoping that everything I own will somehow fit into my miniscule car, I’m thrilled beyond belief and can’t wait to close (and hopefully not have to strap down) the trunk of my car and get on the road!

I spent the past week saying wonderful and sad goodbyes to all of my favorite people and places. First up were the Ladies of Ladyface and a Vertical Epic tasting.
AM208.08.08 – Belgian Strong Pale Ale.
AM309.09.09 – Belgian Strong Dark Ale.
AM410.10.10 – Belgian Strong Pale Ale.
AM511.11.11 – Belgian Strong with chilies – This is still my favorite of them all. A hint of cinnamon and a lingering spice.
AM612.12.12 – Christmas in a bottle.
AM7We then moved on to my favorite in the Eclipse Series – Elijah Craig barrel aged imperial stout. The night was absolutely amazing and full of laughter, juggling, videos of juggling which I am saving for blackmail in the future, and tons of kraut and pizza.
AM8Without a doubt, the best way to spend my final Friday in California! I love you ladies!
AM10A hello and farewell to my roommate’s new puppy, The Dude! The only thing missing is a rug that really ties the room together.
AMOne last goodbye to the ocean and a visit to all of the artists I used to know while traveling on the gypsy circuit.
AM9A final lunchbeer at Golden Road Brewing with the pops who was in town for business!

I kept the camera stowed away for the week so I could fully enjoy the last experiences with close friends, but it’ll be logging the trip home and then joining me overseas! Keep in touch through Twitter and Facebook for trip updates over the weekend!

Cheers and farewell, California!


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4 Responses to The Last Day

  1. Mathieas

    So are you moving to Colorado to join the separatist movement?

  2. Bill

    I found your blog through TheChive and enjoyed reading it. I hope you continue in Colorado. I wish you the best of luck.

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