Two Weeks Notice

My life has been turned upside down. The past few months have been incredibly difficult for me, even though I’ve kept it light on the blog.

In the last few months I found out that someone I once considered a good friend was the exact opposite. Suddenly, I was no longer welcome into one of my favorite places where I’d enjoyed spending almost every day learning, helping, building. Because of this situation, I also lost my best friend, my appetite for over a week (disastrous for a food blogger) and way too much weight. Needless to say, it’s been a little rough.
amI booked a trip to Colorado for a quick escape when all of this went down.
am1I flew in over the mountains as the sun gently set, sipping on my complimentary gin and tonic and contemplating life.
am8The first morning I was greeted with a green monsta and one of the most amazing views available to man. The parentals and I decided to start off healthy since we had the Gnarly Barley beer festival to attend.
am2#42 Poblano Stout by Big Choice Brewing out of my old hometown, Broomfield. This was my favorite of the day.
am3I was pleasantly tipsy thanks to the altitude and the wide varieties of tasters we got to try, and we ended up leaving at the perfect time.
am4The storm wreaked havoc on the remaining hours of the festival. Tents were destroyed, tornado warnings blared and I enjoyed the torrential downpour from inside a cozy restaurant, eating deep fried food and sipping pale ale on nitro.

Sitting there, I finalized my decision that I’ve been contemplating for over two years. I’m moving to Colorado.

This morning I put in my two weeks notice at my job. My last full day in California will be August 23rd and then I’ll be journeying cross country in my Wheezy little car and embarking on an amazing adventure called life. The initiation into this new life will be a trip to Munich, Amsterdam AND Scotland!
am7Breakfast at my new favorite place – Rainbow Restaurant in Fort Collins. Pumpkin bread french toast with rum butter and caramelized bananas. The appetite has returned.
am5Celebration with Consecration. And now, to pack up my entire life and go back to where I belong, wearing jeans and flannel in the mecca of craft beer!


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17 Responses to Two Weeks Notice

  1. Justin

    Best of luck! Sorry to hear about the negative situation. I haven’t been there in a long time, myself. I recently started my whole life over and it’s been pretty decent so far. I have confidence you’ll do just fine! KCCO.

  2. Chris

    Yikes- sorry to hear that, but I’m now looking forward to some insider info on Colorado breweries. 😉

  3. wtlloyd

    Gee, sorry to hear this…I’ve been a steady follower of your blog, and one can only guess at the specifics….
    Wish you the best in your new life, I’ll still follow your posts, but I am BUMMED I won’t be getting the inside dope on all the craft beer happenings locally.

    Good luck, kiddo…

  4. Federico

    The good thing is that at every end corresponds a new beginning. Good luck!

  5. Aaron

    Could be worse places than here in CO! Any specific brewery you’d be interested in joining out here? Or, taking a break from brewing for a while? Welcome back

    • Definitely won’t be taking a break from beer! I’d love to get back into brewing. As for breweries, I’m looking at a few of my favorites. We’ll see what happens when I return from overseas!

  6. Keith

    Ouch. So sorry to hear you’re going through that. Pretty impressive that you’ve been able to “keep it light” and continue posting while that’s been going on. Best of luck to you in out in CO and (raising a glass) have a great time on your European vacation!

  7. Mathieas

    Good luck in Colorado.

  8. Hey Becki,

    I’ve been camping in the Sierras the last week and finally got back to civilization to read this sad post. I wish you the best of luck in Colorado and I look forward to learning about CO breweries and eateries! I’ll keep you posted on my brewery once it gets rolling.

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