Weekend Snapshots

My weekend extended into Monday after a few late nights at the brewery followed by even later nights transferring brown ale. My spice extract is soaking in bourbon right now and should be ready to pitch into the keg in about two days!
am10I’m very fickle when it comes to diets. Once I tell myself I can’t have something, I crave it more. Surprise, surprise.
amHealthy success at one of my favorite fast food joints – Mad Greens: a build your own salad place. Salads that are made by other people just taste so much better for some reason… This one was stuffed with cannellini beans, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, tuna and a sprinkling of goat cheese. I could eat this every day!
am4A gorgeous, chilly, cloudy hike.
am5Driving by Lake Loveland on a different, yet still beautiful, day.
am3Dozy lap dog.
am7My new niece, Hallertau – Hallie for short. We’re a very beer-centric family.
am9A gorgeous sunset. I love this view.
am6Save the Berries at Verboten Brewing.
am11A six-pack of KCCO Black Lager found in Fort Collins. So glad I didn’t have to drive down to Denver to find this!
am1Nutty, roasty with a crisp ending and a hint more caramel and body than I was expecting in a black lager. I ended an incredibly busy weekend at the brewery with a couple of these. Have I mentioned yet how much I love my job?
am13Frost on my windshield as I prepared to go get my new license plates! I’m officially an official Coloradoan!

Are you able to stick to eating plans or do food restrictions get the best of you?


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5 Responses to Weekend Snapshots

  1. Ryan

    Hi Becki! Are you making a gingerbread ale? With bourbon!? I just finished a gingerbread brew session last weekend but didn’t think of adding bourbon. What spices are you using? And are you using oak chips too?

    • I actually just made a brown ale and I’ll be adding a coconut chai tea extract. I’m using bourbon instead of vodka to make the extract to give it an extra boost of warmth. I’d think bourbon and gingerbread would be a great combo, though! Let me know if you try it!

      • Ryan

        Wow! Coconut Chai with bourbon. That sounds really interesting! I’ll let you know about the bourbon, but it probably won’t be until next Christmas!

  2. I have always considered making beer, well because I love to drink it so much. But it just seems to complex for me, I guess I will stick with drinking other people’s creations.
    Any recommendations for this seasons beers? I have had Sam Adam’s White Christmas and liked it but am afraid to try something I don’t know without a recommendation.