An Avalanche of Awesomeness

We’re six days into the new year! How did you guys spend the big night?
am13I started off with the important things – we opened up my Firestone 16th Anniversary that’s been aging in my cellar for a good year.
am14A brilliant glass of this and writing out some resolutions! I’m on the small team of people out there who still enjoy writing down resolutions. They’re not the generic “get healthy” “lose weight” “stop drinking” (of course not that!), but some smaller goals/hopes/dreams I like to strive to. A handful of examples – hike a 14er, make an effort to give good friends actual phone calls (I’m not great at actually talking to people on the phone for some reason…), read at least one book every month, sit down for twenty minutes every morning with my bible for my SheReadsTruth bible study…
am12And one of my new resolutions – spend some quality time with my new bow! I finally got my Samick Sage, and can’t wait to spend more time at the range!
amI’ve been there three days so far since picking up my Sage.
am1Post archery range brews are nice too!
am2I spent Friday night with some friends at the Eagles game at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland! We feasted on barbecue at Nordy’s before and enjoyed a fun win that was only marred by the excessive use of cowbells. I will never understand why anyone thought painfully loud and distracting bells were a good idea during a hockey game…
am11Since I hadn’t gotten enough of a hockey fix, Saturday was spent at the Pepsi Center watching the Colorado Avs play!
AM3We started off with a (slightly) cheaper beer and food at the attached restaurant and then headed into the rink.
AM7Our neighbors were kind enough to invite us along – they get amazing seats since their son plays youth hockey and the Avs are big on encouraging aspiring players.
am8THE AVS WON!!! I believe that’s the first time I’ve ever seen the Avs win in person, out of four games!
am9We went out to Wynkoop Brewery for celebration beers afterwards.
am10I started off with the Colorojo but found it to be a bit of a diacetyl bomb, and they kindly exchanged it for a B3K Black Lager. Muuuch better.
am17I’d say that this year has been many degrees of awesome so far. I’m loving 2014!

How’s your new year/new resolutions going?


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5 Responses to An Avalanche of Awesomeness

  1. Justin K

    My new year’s resolution this year is to get outsides and enjoy nature more. With that said I want to get into archery this year once it warms up and finally buying a bow. Chances are the same one you have but in left handed. lol
    I want to go hiking more often even if that means going by myself. (It’s always more fun with another person(s)). My goal is to go hiking(5+ miles) once a month.

    What exactly is 14er? I always wanted to do the Appalachian Trail. Yes, all of the 2,180ish miles of it! Pushing yourself to new limits and learning more about yourself. That is what I need.

  2. So much awesomeness indeed!
    YES to hiking a 14er- I would definitely suggest Bierstadt as your first! 🙂
    Greg’s best friend got them Avs tickets for his birthday. I’m jealous! And I LOVE the B3K lager- we have a 6 pack of it in our fridge right now (well, it’s more like a 2 pack now…) Does Wynkoop still have that beer that’s brewed with bull testicles?

    • They were out of that brew at the brewery when I went last week! I think one pint of it is more than enough for me – I enjoy it until I start thinking about it. It’s kind of a… chewy, rich beer. And I’ll be contacting you when I do Bierstadt this spring if you have any interest in joining me!

  3. Awesome goals for the new year! Liz and I are reading through the Bible in a year since we’ve fallen off regular readings as well. It’s hard to break old habits and form new (good) habits.