House Arrest

I’ve been sporadically on and off the blog radar for the past few weeks, but I promise I have good reasons!
amHmm? Oh, that’s just me, standing on the foundation of my NEW HOUSE!
AM8After months of searching and weeks of filling out loan applications and credit reports, they’ve broken ground (and then some) at the site of my new home! I’ve been spending my days playing around with budgets (I probably should’ve titled this Budget Arrest), the idea of not being able to afford to feed myself, and Pinterest.
Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 11.10.37 AMI love the idea of having as many things as possible being made by me in my house. Since I won’t be able to afford furniture and the like…
Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 11.11.16 AMI’ve also been going over color ideas to distract me from the panic attacks that threaten to overcome me when I re-do my budget over and over and it just keeps getting smaller and smaller.
am2Shopping for said furniture I can’t afford can still be fun, though…
am3I went out with the parental unit for a little fun/relaxing/celebration time after all those long documents were signed. I’ve gotta soak up as much spoiling as I possibly can before things get even crazier!
am1Side note – one of the best dishes I’ve ever had in my entire life. No joke. Butternut squash ravioli draped in a creamy sage sauce, cranberries and roasted pistachios with a side of hot garlic bread at Next Door in Loveland. Oh, it is heavenly!
AM6I’ve also been (still) hitting the archery range and shooting out some of that anxiety. There’s something so calming and confidence-inspiring about drawing back 30lbs and letting the arrows fly.
AM4My current bunkmate. I’ll miss fighting him for pillow space on my bed.
AM7I’m certain I’ll be stealing him for a few nights here and there to keep my bed warm when I can’t afford to turn on the heat.
AM5So yes, it’s been crazy and my days have been filled with stress and excitement, but I promise to keep you filled in as things go. And any recommendations for homemade/reclaimed furniture ideas would be greatly appreciated! I already have my wine rack ready to go!
am13And now I’m off to curl up next to the fire and read one of my new books.
am14Happy Thursday!

Have you ever built your own furniture? I’d love tips and recommendations!


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8 Responses to House Arrest

  1. Jiggs

    I have seen some cool stuff made from reclaimed wooden pallets, bars, furniture, ect. I am sure a google search would find you some ideas.

  2. Justin K

    Wow, Congratz!! Hopefully it’s not too far from your range. How many beds/baths/square feet?

    Nothing like a new home! You can choose the color/flooring/etc. That is a looong process but it’s worth it in the end.

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