The Dailies

Today is the last day to enter for the grande finale of the giveaway!
AMFor serious. No more after this one! You guys have till 6pm MST! Check out this link and comment away!
am2I gotta be honest… There hasn’t been anything too exciting over here this past weekend. The dailies – work… archery…
amBreakfast via Love and Olive Oil – avocado toast (THIS recipe for the bread) with goat cheese and red pepper flakes. I read this post and immediately went into the kitchen and made it minutes later. Absofrigginlutely delicious!
AM1Pairing beer with housemade ranch popcorn. Delicious.
am3German pancakes with blueberry compote for Sunday pancakes. Also delicious.
am4Work, work, work.
am5Feeling binge-y.
am6Feeling regret-y.
am7And yesterday’s work, work, work. Yup. Nothing too out there or enthralling.

But then…
Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 11.26.31 PMI got this awesome e-mail last night! I’ll be attending the Craft Brewers Conference this year in Denver as media! I went to the CBC in 2012 with Enegren Brewing Company and can’t wait to go this year in my {new} home state!

So yes, it’s been quiet on this front, but things are really starting to pick up and get crazy! Go and enter the giveaway for the Craft Beer for the Homebrewer before it’s too late, and I’ll be back with the winners and more thrilling things on Thursday!

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