Lessons and Obsessions: 2 {GIVEAWAY}

The giveaway is at the end of the post. This is me hoping you’ll read through because you’re super interested in the minute details of my super exciting life… Yes? Right? Halloo??

amChia Kombucha.
am6I just “happen” to end up near a Whole Foods almost every day…
AM10And I can’t stop buying these!!!
am23I even purposely avoided Whole Foods today, but found more at a local grocery store that’s closer to my current house. Can someone please direct me towards a good Kombucha kit? Save my wallet? PLEASE??

AM11Cars should be washed more than once every nine months. And when one decides to wash said car, one should make sure that it’s not supposed to snow the next day. Something like that might negate said car wash.

am9This sauce. I first purchased it in California at the farmers’ market four years ago and made recurring purchases almost every month. (I tried to recreate it once after I decided it was “too expensive” and ended up massively regretting that decision.)
AM3I found it at We Olive in Ventura (after scouring the same farmers’ market for Lourdes’s stand) this past visit to Cali and started slathering it on EVERYTHING.
am17Last night, the jar ran out. I panicked and ran to Instagram to let everyone know how woeful and distraught I was, as normal people would.
Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 5.46.19 PMLuckily, just before I imploded from stress and depression, Lourdes Gourmet contacted me via Twitter and saved the day with a coupon! Ricardo (who runs the social media for Lourdes Gourmet) and I are besties now. Just so you know.

AM12If you have an entire Saturday off (which hasn’t happened since I was hired, minus the vacation Saturday last week) and you’re hoping to be productive, don’t go visit friends on what you later find out that it’s “National Margarita Day”. Instead, go visit friends on “National Margarita Day” and plan on having an awesome time, laughing your ass off, playing “pimps and hoes” and not going to bed until 3am. Errands can always be pushed back one day. Even laundry. Perfume works wonders on dirty clothes. Sorry for that, coworkers…

am5My new house!!! The shingles are on, the plumbing is in and the electrical is almost done!
am4I enjoy my mountain view while I still can, before the house next door goes up.
AM9You can’t tell here, but I’m doing a mirror selfie in my new bathroom. If I had a mirror, it’d look like this:
am2Except there wouldn’t be a bowl of towels or weird yellow paint on the walls. And I wouldn’t be doing a selfie because it’s shameful and everyone hates them…
am3But if I were doing a selfie (which I would never do, or admit), I’d be sure to show off this other obsession – my new Ladyface tank I got on my trip! I’ve worn it around way too much already.)

AM14Sauteing grated butternut squash smells like sushi. Weird.
am16If you’re making Jenna’s latest recipe for Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese Risotto and you’re really hungry and want to be fed in less than two and a half hours, don’t sub in short grained sprouted brown rice (no matter how healthy it is). If you can wait and want to be healthy ‘n stuff, definitely sub it in. A delicious pain in the ass dish.
am18And no matter what you make, be sure to top it with crazy amounts of goat cheese. Because goat cheese is delicious.

am7These. I found them while I was at the grocery store with my bro, convinced (haha, yeah, like he needed to be convinced) him to buy the pack and then proceeded to steal one. I guarantee you if I’d purchased the pack, I would’ve consumed them all within half an hour. No joke.

AM13Kobe Sushi in Loveland makes their brown rice with black beans. That’s all.

Which brings me to my last obsession, and the giveaway!
am19Books in the mail! Back to Butter is the creation of my friend Molly from Apricot Lane Farms and her mother. I’ve tried Molly’s food at the farm before. It is beyond epic. I’ll be in my kitchen until further notice.
am15The copies finally arrived in the mail – thanks Dennis! I have three more of these babies to give away to my amazing readers!
am22Gratuitous photography of my photography in said book. I’m still ridiculously proud.
am21Here’s the deets: All of you who commented on the last giveaway are still entered to win one of the new copies! As a bonus and because I think you’re all amazing and love you so very much, you can be entered up to two more times (more means in addition to those other entries from the last giveaway, in case you were unsure)!!!

How to enter: Leave a comment on this blog post letting me know your favorite food and beer pairing. Be specific! Make sure you leave a valid e-mail so I can contact you if you win!

For a second entry: Follow me on Twitter! Leave a comment on this blog post telling me you followed! (If you already follow, leave a comment letting me know)

For a third entry: Tweet about the giveaway on Twitter and link this blog post (and @ me so I can add an entry for you)!

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You get up to FIVE entries for this one! Open to U.S. residents only (so sorry, my other followers. Shipping be cray cray) . This giveaway will run through next Tuesday, March 4th at 6pm MST. I’ll randomly select two winners and contact you by e-mail!


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13 Responses to Lessons and Obsessions: 2 {GIVEAWAY}

  1. Hey Becki – Beer and dessert pairings can often be no-brainers, but I’ve had some really good ones lately. One of my faves as of late was a really unique pairing from Pastry Chef Anastashia Chavez of Barrelhouse 101 in Ventura.

    During a Hangar Brewing flight night she created a delicious Divinity that incorporated maple and cinnamon. It had notes of cinnamon sugar toast and gingerbread by itself. The kicker came with the beer pairing of Hangar’s Warmer. Both items together created an amazing holiday/winter experience and heightened each others flavors with an amazing resonance. My co-host on pints&pairings related the smells to walking into a pancake house. To get our full reaction, you can check out http://www.hopheadsaid.com/13/post/2014/02/hangar-24-dessert-pairing.html.

    Following you on all three platforms from both thecali4nian and everybodyshungry.

  2. Justin K

    Your new house is looking good! So much progress! By looking at the vents on the roof, I’m guessing your laundry room is on the second floor?! That’s a nice feature!

  3. Jiggs Verry

    Favorite beer and food pairing would have to be any fish and a good IPA. I will usually cook the fish in the IPA that I am drinking it with.

  4. I’m already following you EVERYWHERE. My favorite beer pairing is a no-brainer….any beer and pizza!

  5. Hello Becky, I have to comment on the photo of your car wash, it looks like you washed it with that Chimichurri thats on the next picture. Lol. Anyway my favorite food and beer pairing is Thai and a good IPA.

  6. Jared Ortega

    By the way i follow you on facebook.

  7. Damien

    I absolutely love pairing The Bruery’s “Saison Rue” with a Chicken Fettucinni Pizza. I make this every summer on the grill and it is a HUGE hit.

    The house looks great. Enjoy this exciting time in your life!!

  8. Kim D

    My favorite food and beer pairing changes every week, I think, but right now, it’s Post Brewing’s IPA and their fried chicken bits – gotta love the floral/bitter and salty pairing!

    Also, that sushi looks really good! I’ve been on the hunt for a good sushi place in Colorado… *strokes imaginary beard*

  9. Ballast Pint Victory at Sea with a Carmel Creme Brulee..

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  11. Matt Cox

    I’m partial to Rogue hazelnut with grilled chicken and any vegetable. Tasty and simple.

    I also follow you on Facebook.

  12. Becky-
    I am so glad that I found your blog. It has been a great read and I am looking forward to more beer reviews from you. We are in our initial funding stages and hope to be up and running in the next 12 months. We’ll send you some beer once we can. Thanks for doing what you do. Hope I win the giveaway.

  13. Ryan

    Hey Becky. I’ll throw my hat in. That homebrewer book looks cool! My favorite pairing would be an XPA and mac and cheese. For me the two opposite flavors and textures really complement each other. Plus, who doesn’t love mac and cheese! I also follow you on Facebook.