Cadillacs and High Tea!

     I headed out of town for a girls’ midweek weekend on Wednesday. It was long overdue.

First stop on a girls midweek weekend? La Cocina for Cadillacs!
And: Rascal Steph!
We sipped margaritas, crunched on sizzling tortilla chips and even sizzling-er salsa, and chowed down on flautas and tacos. Hooray for girls’ night!

     The next day, we decided to go for something even MORE girly, and a lot classier. 
I got “Blueberry Fields Green Tea”. It tasted like a meadow in the middle of the Grand Teton National Park, freshly-rained on while the sun casts its warm rays gently upon the glistening flowers.
It was that good.
Allie and I split a traditional afternoon tea, as well as a Tuscan tea.
The traditional tea sandwiches were cucumber-thyme, and curry chicken salad (which was Ah-MAY-Zing!). The Tuscan tea had finger sandwiches with tomatoes, avocado and fresh mozzarella. Oh yeah, I already failed a little on my no dairy – just a tad of mozzarella. Oops.
The next tier held cranberry scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam. I was a happy girl.
     After our ridiculously girly tea, we went to Happy Foot Spa and splurged on the “Combo #1” – a half hour foot massage and half hour full body massage. How much was this splurge, you ask? A whopping THIRTY BUCKS! Seriously, that’s it! 
I can’t imagine a more perfect definition of “GIRLS’ MIDWEEK WEEKEND!”

In other news:
I am now on a “freebies” binge. I have received ridiculous amounts of free coffee, shampoo, adult diapers (Why? Cuz they’re FREE! I have no idea what to do with them all… Homeless shelter donation, maybe?), Advil, Breathe-Right nasal strips and energy bars.
I have an addiction. A weird, weird addiction…


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7 Responses to Cadillacs and High Tea!

  1. Justin

    Please take a pic of all of your freebies! In return I'll give you codes for free movie rentals. 🙂

  2. sophia

    Uh….free adult diapers?! LOL!!!!!! I'll pass, but hey, it's free, so what's the harm, right?

    Ah…high tea. I always wanted to indulge in one of those. 🙂

  3. WillJogForFood

    I would take a foot massage alone for 30 bucks! Those are the best 🙂

  4. Bexter

    I will! When my next loot comes in the mail, pics will be posted 🙂

  5. Bexter

    Free = Happy 🙂 We should go for high tea in Santa Monica! There's a cute British pub that serves it!

  6. Justin


    Awesome! I thought it will be a cool idea if you could show us all of your loot since day one.