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Jinky’s Kanan Cafe!

     I had lots of errands to run today in order to prepare for a special video recipe coming up.

Dun dun dunnnnnn!
     My director and I swung by The Olive Vineyard around noon to pick up some special, super secret ingredients (what could I possibly be getting at an olive oil store? Who knows!) and I felt the rumblings of hunger in the pit of my stomach. After a glowing recommendation from the olive oil girl, we headed over to Jinky’s Kanan Cafe in Agoura Hills.
 This is a small chain with restaurants in Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica and now Agoura Hills.
They’re known for their ridonkulous varieties of chili.
Ridonkulous = ridiculous squared.
So. Much. Chili.
We got a sampler of four cups of chili: Himalayan beef, Hickory Turkey…
…Spicy Mango Chicken and Wild, Wild West.
The overall favorite was the Wild, Wild West chili – the only one that had beans. All the others were just crumbly meats in sauces, and not substantial enough to satisfy.
I ordered the Sedona chicken sandwich – grilled chicken, green chilies, red onion and melted cheddar on a fluffy bun.
I got a preview of their breakfast menu.
I’ve been known to dream about bacon. I really hope I don’t start dreaming about their pancakes.


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Urbane Cafe and The Olive Vineyard!

     Yesterday I had the opportunity to try out a new restaurant in Agoura Hills called Urbane Cafe. By “opportunity” I mean I was in the area and my roommate treated me to a sammich. I’m still waiting for my invitations to delicious restaurants, free of charge *hint hint*. 
ANYWAY, Urbane Cafe prides themselves on using fresh ingredients, freshly baked bread, and homemade sauces and dressings.
The art out front isn’t too shabby either!
The setting and service inside is very Baja Fresh-style. You order at the counter and then pick up the food when your pages goes off. My favorite part about this? NO TIPPING
It’s always nice to save money when you’re a starving writer/actor.
They have a good-sized menu. Plenty of choices, but not too overwhelming.
I asked for the cashier’s recommendation and ordered the So-Cal Sandwich – grilled chicken, avocado, pepper jack cheese, tomatillo salsa, green leaf lettuce and chipotle mayo.
It wound up being solely a chipotle mayo sammich – not that I was complaining! I love me some fatty foods, I just prefer to taste other ingredients at the same time.
I used about five billion napkins while consuming the mayo sammich.
I love exposed brick! If I ever am forced to move into LA, I’ll only concede if my house or apartment has an exposed brick wall.
Next door to the restaurant is The Olive Vineyard – an olive oil and balsamic vinegar TASTING ROOM aka Heaven!
So many wonderful tanks! Almost as good as beer barrels!
My roommate and I tasted tons of different balsamic vinegars – honey and ginger, tahitian vanilla, 18-year aged, dark chocolate, jalapeno and our personal favorite which we bought: cinnamon and pear!
Their olive oils are all organic (they’re still waiting for their certification on a few), and include flavors like Tuscan herb, wild mushroom and sage, Persian lime and butter – no flavors added (so they say – it’s hard to believe that olive oil can naturally taste and smell EXACTLY like butter)!

It was a good day.


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