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Owling at Owl City

If you follow me on Twitter, or like me on Facebook, you already got a preview last night.
Owling. Because Planking is way too mainstream. Plus, we were at an Owl City concert at Club Nokia. How could we not?
Allie Owling.
We even got Amanda and Amie to Owl. Epicness ensued.
We prepared for this epicness at Yard House. I got a “shorty” – 10 ounces of Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous. It was amazing! Thick head that lasted the entire beer, extremely floral hop aroma. Medium-high carbonation, but still seemed smooth. Quiet malt at the end of each sip. Adoration.
We were quite pleased with Yard House. Now onto epicness!

They apparently had allowed the first 300 people in with VIP access. They cut the line right in front of us. Seriously, RIGHT in front of us. We ended up being the very first people to go through the general access metal detectors. Once inside we grabbed another drink, did a little Owling and stood at our little ledge until we noticed someone walking around with wristbands. I slowly squatted down as he came by and when he asked, “You girls doing all right here?” I smoothly said, “Well, I can’t really see cuz I’m short…” VIP access, baby! We blazed through into the dead center up front. Oh yeah.
Breanne Duren (who is ridiculously adorable) started us off with new singles from her album. When Allie and I arrived in LA around 1pm earlier that day, I jokingly said that we should stalk the band since we had so much time. We turned the corner and there Breanne was, getting out of the car, suitcase in hand. Mission accomplished.

Mat Kearney opened the show, jumped off-stage at the end of his set and came around the pit, giving us all high fives. I got a little arm grope in. As I’ve said before, epicness.
Think what you want about Owl City, this guy puts on an AMAZING show! I’ve been to two concerts in my entire life. Both have been his. The way he gets so into his songs, rocking out around the stage, making you believe that every word that comes out of his mouth makes everything in life right and balanced and joyous… He’s THAT good.

Thank you, Adam Young, for your epicness.
He played a few songs from his new CD, but mixed it up with a ton from his first album – I was happy about that because none of his new songs really make sense… (Unless you’re watching him sing them on stage, then they make PERFECT sense. See above for explanation). They’re just pretty words compiled together, with the exception of “Galaxies”. Which he threw every fiber of his being into. Slight adoration on my part, if you haven’t noticed.
We were dancing like crazy in our little area, amidst all of the people of LA who were standing still, bobbing their heads or tapping their feet.
When the song “Alligator Sky” (which also makes no sense) came on, I got a group of people who were around us to do the dance I invented in the car on the drive down. There was a big cluster around us making their arms into alligator jaws. I was proud.
They played two encores. Epicness times two. Afterwards, we sought out the parking lot where we’d gotten $5 parking and headed home through the curtains of marine layer that coated Los Angeles.


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