It’s My Older Day!

I’m 27 years old today. 2-7. Twenty-seven. Oy. Where has my youth gone?
am1Yesterday morning I woke up to this. 9 degree weather. 9. Nine-degrees.
am4But then I decided that instead of dealing with the cold, I’d just hop on a plane and head somewhere warmer.
am6Still too cold for my taste.
am7WAY too cold for my taste.
am8I distracted myself from both the icy mountainous terrain outside, and from my impending aging by being reckless and having a Fat Tire at 9am. Oh, what a crazy 26 year old I was!
am9As an early birthday present, I got the entire row to myself! Well, actually there were two people sitting there, but they got up right before the plane departed and moved a few rows back. I’d even showered that morning! Sheesh.
am10When we landed in a much, much warmer place, I stuffed myself with fresh seared ahi tuna and spinach chips…
am11Before heading back up to the room to get in my workout so I could have my actual birthday off. This 27 year old does not skip out on workouts! Well, except for on her birthday…
am12Immediately after coming down from my endorphin high, we headed out via a free hotel shuttle to Downtown Burbank! I used to sell in beer at Story Tavern at my old job, so I knew the tap selection would be awesome.
am13First up – Enegren Brewing’s Hickman Bitter. Such fond memories of this beer. And so. Freaking. Good.
am14I got a few tastes of some other options on the lineup while perusing the Beer Paper LA and enjoying the gentle sun that streamed across the outside patio…
am15…And settled down to another bitter while enjoying that 75 degree weather. There are definitely some aspects of California I miss, but man, it’s so much easier to enjoy the state when you’re vacationing and not residing!

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Now I’m off to celebrate my birthday with tons of food, bundt cake and ocean! Happy humpday!!!


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3 Responses to It’s My Older Day!

  1. Aaron Cerny

    Happy Birthday. Cheers!

  2. Jiggs Verry

    Happy birthday and happy hump day! KCCO hope you drink some great beers.

  3. Greg

    Happy birthday to you! I hope you got to hang out with your dad. He’s so cool.