A Day in Seattle

I spent a full day doing ridiculous touristy stuff in downtown Seattle. I tend to stray from tourist attractions when I visit places, but this time I decided to embrace it with open arms and a fanny pack. I’m just kidding, I don’t own a fanny pack – but know that if I did, I would’ve been rocking it today!
I took the bus from Bellevue to Seattle and hiked a few blocks to Pike Street.
This market has everything!
Public Market is the longest running, continuously open farmers’ market. They just celebrated their 100th year.
Mmmm, carbs!
Mmmm, lobster butts!
Mmmm, fish face!
How could I not?
Definitely did NOT! The line was around the block and, let’s face it, it’s just Starbucks…
I definitely DID stop across the street at Piroshky Piroshky and got a potato, onion and cheese piroshky. Mmmm, starchy, cheesy carbs!
Oh, baby! Seattle, you’ve won me over.
Touch tank at the aquarium.
Bwahahahaha! My sense of humor belongs to a teenage boy, but I just find this hilarious!
Super Puffin!!!
Super tourism!
In Seattle, many suffer from insomnia.
Deliciously abandoned.
They can do no wrong. Crazy, Stupid, LOVED them in this movie!

GUESS WHAT! I’m gonna receive EVEN MORE money! Seattle is SO lucky for me!

I really don’t wanna be arrested, interrogated or prosecuted for money laundering, so I’d better do as they say…
Mac and Jack’s African Amber. Good Monday!


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10 Responses to A Day in Seattle

  1. Jason

    So much awesomeness. I must visit Seattle one day!

  2. Dave from Downunder

    is it summer up there?? its winter down here and your pics remind me of hour great Australia is in summer – bring it on!!
    and the beer!
    and the lobster butts!

    • It is indeed summer! We got lucky and visited Seattle the few days that it wasn’t raining! I kinda feel gypped now… I love me some downpour!

  3. Michel

    You lucky bastard!
    That’s what? 6 to 7 million you get in one week?!?
    If only I’d be that lucky…
    Nigeria is such a wealthy country.

  4. Went to Seattle years ago for a work conference and loved Pike’s Place market, but loved Mac and Jack’s African Amber even more. Didn’t realize it was a local, draft only beer until later.

    Just brewed a clone of it a few months back and it was pretty spot on – assuming that my memory from that long ago is correct. Great everyday beer.

  5. Seattle is so cool. I loved it when I visited. Your photos bring back great memories. Thanks for sharing.