High Dynamic Range

It’s official. I’m obsessed with HDR. Ever since I found a picture of the Salton Sea in all of its high dynamic glory, I’ve wanted to take HDR photos. If you like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you already got a preview of what’s to come.
Can you see why I’m in love? This was the view out back yesterday afternoon as the clouds slowly began rolling in.
The day started off with a hike through the national park that is my backyard.
It was perfectly cloudy and chilly. The first cool day since summer began!
Ahhh, I’ve missed the park.
I woke up this morning to pouring rain.
Time to retire to the couch with a bowl of spicy butternut squash and leek soup, a mug of vanilla chai tea and a book while the downpour continues outside.



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10 Responses to High Dynamic Range

  1. dave from downunder

    Hey there
    what a glorious veiw from where you are staying, what is the name of the Park where that is? i presume its a National Park??

  2. Mario

    The photos are really getting better, Becki. You’re mastering that camera quickly.

  3. Holy cow. That IS gorgeous. It’s so…picturesque.

  4. Is that SERIOUSLY right in your backyard?
    If so, I am GREEN with envy!!!

  5. Beautiful photos! What park is this from? I want to be there. And I also want to learn how to take a decent photo…my iPhone stuff just doesn’t cut it.

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