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Joie de Vivre!

I’d like to introduce you to a happy place. To some *cough* the couple who was getting “frisky” next door *cough*, this place may be happier than it is for others. Either way, the Domain – a Joie de Vivre hotel, in Sunnyvale is a lovely place to be.
Once you enter the unassuming building, you’re greeted by a blast of deliciously icy air conditioning and an equally luxurious scent that wafts about the lobby. If you’ve ever been to one of those fancy hotels like the “W” in Beverly Hills or the Aria in Las Vegas, you know what I’m talking about. They actually create their own “lobby scent” that you can purchase in the gift shops! I didn’t look to see if the Domain sold their scent… I wish I had.
The inside is basic, but full of character and unique touches. For the rooms that have windows facing the lobby, there are sheer curtains, rustic wood slats and woven tapestries to give privacy and filter out the soft glow of the lights.
The rooms are spacious yet cozy with different quotes adorning the walls in each suite. “Real genius is nothing but the supernatural virtue of humility in the domain of thought.” The Sleep Number beds (once you figure out how they work) adjust to your specific comfort needs. The alarm clock holds a docking station for your iPod so you can wake up to the tranquil sound of your own quiet music as opposed to the blaring sirens that most hotel alarm clocks utilize.
The wall that leads to the balcony is covered by blinds, giving the illusion that it is covered with windows. The window and door allow in just enough of the streaks of light from the sunset to bathe the room in a warm glow.
The bathroom features a quaint little rock garden in which the bamboo and lemongrass scented shampoos and soaps are set, enhancing the relaxing spa feel of each suite.
The cafe downstairs features a breakfast buffet in the morning…
…and an extensive dinner and beverage menu featuring cocktails such as “Technopolitan”, “Esc”, “iDrink” and “Social Media Refresh” to reflect the technology that is Silcon Valley.
I went for the aptly named “Joie de Veev” – acai liqueur, ginger ale, lemon juice and pomegranate juice over ice. I was indeed full of joy after finishing this delicious drink!

If you ever are looking for a hotel in Sunnyvale, I highly recommend the Domain. The staff is eager to assist and incredibly friendly. While you can’t control who your neighbors will be, or what they decide to do from midnight to 7am,  the entire experience in this hotel will more than make up for it!

I’d recommend it MUCH more than this hotel, that’s for sure!


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Welcome to Indio!

     Have you ever seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite? That movie takes place in a small town called Preston, Idaho, where the main street is residential, kids aspire to work at the local chicken farm or motel, and duplexes reign supreme. I’ve found the “Preston of the West”. It’s called Indio.

     We’re staying at a three-star hotel in Central Indio in California. Let me give you a little look at what our room includes.

You can purchase threadbare sheets, lumpy pillows, scratchy towels and ripped comforters for these low prices!!! I’d love to purchase the coffee maker, iron and ironing board, but our room seems to be without those – yet somehow we have two fridges. 
One of these refrigerators even works!!!
Yaaaaay, warm, empty mini-bar!
This helpful sign lets you know that you have absolutely no control over the temperature of your room, but if you happen to get a little chilly, you can turn on one of these handy space-heaters!
It’s the size of my HAND! How HAND-y!!!
There’s ample space to store your clothes in the closet. You didn’t want to hang anything up, right?
If you did, we have FOUR partial hangers to use! 
OR you can stack your clothes on the shelf – just make sure they weigh less than 1.03lbs!
This hotel also features some soft lights for when you want to relax and enjoy the ambiance of your lovely room.
Doesn’t it feel great to be in the spotlight?
We even have a sliding-glass door with a beautiful view!
Do YOU want to know what’s in the bag? I sure don’t!
I don’t know about you, but I like it when the floor of the shower is an enticing shade of brown!
I also enjoy those mind-provoking games: You want cold water, you should turn the knob towards “Cold”, right? Guess again! Instead, you’ll be scalded!!
I learn by DOING!
Pain makes me learn FASTER!
This hotel even features high security!
Chains keep me safe. Whatever you do, do NOT press the button when you leave!
My button is missing – this expedites the process!
Thanks for not making me waste time, hotel!
So if you’ve had a long hard day, just come on back and walk down these friendly halls.
So warm and inviting!
Collapse into your lumpy bed complete with an itchy wool blanket, fiddle with the heater/cooler even though it’ll make no difference, and settle into a fitful sleep as you listen the one working fridge leak water onto the stained carpets.
All this can be yours for this astonishing price!
(We did NOT pay that. I would like you to know this one serious fact!)

I don’t even want to know what a two-star “hotel” looks like.
BUT WAIT! There’s more! 
Other amenities you can enjoy include massages at a local spa down the street!
Aaah, so relaxi…..wait….
This tour has been brought to you by Becki.

Please return tomorrow for happier, prettier pictures and experiences.


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Blurbin’ from Carefree!

     Good freakin’ night! It’s 11:30pm and I just got back from setting up the booth for the Carefree Fine Arts and Wine festival, so I’m going to walk you through my day with blurbs. Prepare yourself for the onslaught.

Up before the sun!
Goodbye, pumpkin. Thanks for the good times!
HUGE windmills in the desert!
Break time?
COFFEE!!! And unsweetened granola – ah-may-zing!
Hotel decor.
Mas decor. Una puerta bella!
Livin’ it up on Easy Street!
The Carefree town center – also known as the wine tasting section 😀
Decisions, decisions…
Grilled vegetable sammich + sweet potato fries = DROOL!
I am SO going back for dessert tomorrey!
Setup time!
Our booth before…
Our booth four hours into it!
(Finishing up tomorrow)
Giada on the left???
Battle wound from a fight with a cactus.
I lost.


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