Blurbin’ from Carefree!

     Good freakin’ night! It’s 11:30pm and I just got back from setting up the booth for the Carefree Fine Arts and Wine festival, so I’m going to walk you through my day with blurbs. Prepare yourself for the onslaught.

Up before the sun!
Goodbye, pumpkin. Thanks for the good times!
HUGE windmills in the desert!
Break time?
COFFEE!!! And unsweetened granola – ah-may-zing!
Hotel decor.
Mas decor. Una puerta bella!
Livin’ it up on Easy Street!
The Carefree town center – also known as the wine tasting section 😀
Decisions, decisions…
Grilled vegetable sammich + sweet potato fries = DROOL!
I am SO going back for dessert tomorrey!
Setup time!
Our booth before…
Our booth four hours into it!
(Finishing up tomorrow)
Giada on the left???
Battle wound from a fight with a cactus.
I lost.


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2 Responses to Blurbin’ from Carefree!

  1. Anonymous

    Dat foods looks good. Almost as good as my chicken and rice bfast dis morning. =)


  2. Roommate

    It looks like you're having a good time there. Missing you from San Francisco.