Quarter Century

As of yesterday, I’m officially old. My age times four equals 100. My knees ache.
I’m officially twenty-five years old! I started off the day in the traditional way.
Eggs Portugal! Nothing like a deliciously fatty and savory bread pudding to start the day!
Add chocolate covered donuts to that and I’m a happy girl. A happy, aging girl.
The day consisted of a trip to Santa Barbara, perusing the REI (my favorite store in the entire world) up there, driving down the coast and visiting Island Brewing Company for a delicious taster flight. My birthdays seem to center around food and beer. I’m okay with this.

After my day on the road, I headed to my homebrew club meeting at Enegren Brewing, had a few tasters of the amazing homebrews that were present (the coconut porter was ah-may-zing!)…
…then this dashing young man took me out to dinner at Old Place Cornell and spoiled me rotten. I took the night off from the camera and fully immersed myself in the joy of devouring part of an entire chicken covered with balsamic glaze and a baked potato that was overloaded with bacon and homemade sour cream. A portion of a skillet cookie may also have been consumed, as well as an Anchor Porter and some complimentary Pinot Gris… It was the perfect birthday dinner – so very spoiled!
I also got to bite into this ridiculously rich triple brownie cake that was delivered via Mama Enegren – thank you so much, Kathy! Heaven on a plate, seriously. I ate until I hurt – as it should be on a birthday!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Now it’s time to have a quarter-life crisis: I’m thinking a motorcycle, skydiving and a tattoo, maybe? Any suggestions?

Suggestions will be accepted via comments on the blog, Facebook and Twitter! Do your worst!


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18 Responses to Quarter Century

  1. Happy Birthday! Always enjoy reading about your Bites and Brews.

  2. Happy birthday. My birthday is today also. Great time of the year for birthday and a beer.

  3. Oh my god, you’re a CHILD. Stop. If you’re old, I must be ANCIENT.
    Happy birthday, birthday twin! Looks like a great day to me!

  4. dave from downunder

    always a great read and a very happy Birthday from way down here in Oz.

  5. Happy birthday! I’ve still got a couple months before I can’t really call myself mid-20’s anymore.

  6. Happy, happy birthday! 25 was a fantastic year for me. Enjoy it!

  7. Mario

    Happy (belated) birthday, Becki, and congrats on the quarter-century milestone! I hope I can look forward to reading Bites ‘n Brews for another 25 years.

  8. Jiggs

    Happy belated Birthday. Love the web page. The cornbread doughnuts (well I just made them muffins) and pumpkin ale chili have been a big hit with the family. I hope to try some more of the recipes soon and enjoy reading all the posts.

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  10. Danielle

    Happy belated birthday!

  11. Melissa

    Sounds like your Birthday was terrific… and you are far from old.
    I got my first (and so far only) tattoo for my 50th Birthday and do not regret it.

    Wish I was as adventurous at 25.