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Growing Pains

Good news/bad news.
amThe Craft Brewers Conference of 2014 was absolutely amazing!
am1I can’t wait to recap it for you…
am5…sometime next week. I’m in the middle of all the final walk-throughs, inspections and closing (!!!!) on my house! I’m growing up, turning into an adult and going to be a homeowner!
am7My days have been filled with nothing but visiting thrift stores (I found these almost brand-new brew-style stools for $12.95!) and ordering mattresses and kegerators. Well, not the kegerator part. I guess a place to sleep is slightly more important than a kegerator. Priorities, people.
am3With all the stress, it’s been nice to have a few seconds of down time here and there. I stopped at the brand new 1933 Brewing in Fort Collins to enjoy a short afternoon and taster flight with a friend before work.
am4I also found a night to sneak out to Mayor of Old Town in Fort Collins for the most amazing cream cheese-stuffed jalapeno pretzel with raspberry jam in the entire universe! Geez, I can’t wait to be living in Fort Collins so I can eat these every day! (or just stare longingly at the menu and sniff at the air since I have a mortgage to pay and won’t be able to afford to buy universally-delicious pretzels…)
am6I received some sanity-preserving gifts in the mail yesterday! My favorite chimichurri sauce in the whole world! I already have visions of relaxing outside of my new house, sipping a brew and grilling with these wonderful spreads and jams!
am8But first, I had to try some of that chimichurri sauce to make sure it tasted just as I remember. It does. Oh, Lordy, it does!

So bad news is that you guys will have to wait until next week for the CBC recap, but the good news is…
Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 10.46.40 PMYou also have some more time to enter for free Bhakti Chai!!! Head back to this post and leave a comment for your chance to win and I’ll choose the winner sometime next week after all the insanity has slightly waned!

Have you ever found anything good at a thrift shop? I will never doubt again!


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Well, it’s done!
amI am officially unemployed! To celebrate I took myself out to Pedalers Fork for a little breakfast pampering and awesome coffee.
am2It is an absolutely GORGEOUS day, made even better by the fact that I am now one gigantic step closer to moving to Colorado! I sold my bed last night to someone on Craigslist (and lived to tell about it, which is a bonus), and walking into that almost-empty room made it seem real. I’m actually doing this!
am1I am excited beyond belief and also terrified. So terrified that I figured a little comfort food should be in order.
am3Fried egg sammich with ham and roasted potatoes on the side, basking in the warm glow of the sun shining through the skylights. Bliss.
am4And the most amazing coffee in the world by 10 Speed Coffee. I’ll miss them. I suppose I’ll have to get my delicious coffee fix from Cranknstein from now on 😀

For now, I’m off to pick up some Custom Pie and head over to the lovely Janelle’s house for a Vertical Epic series tasting, pizza, kraut and most of my Ladies of Ladyface. Happy Friday!

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Moving On

The move is officially over! The movers were at the house until 11:30pm last night! That would make for a grand total of 15 hours, three calls to the police and a nasty neighbor who turned the sprinklers on, aimed it at the workers and soaked some of our stuff as it was being loaded into the moving van. What a long night it was.
It was incredibly sad to say goodbye to this beautiful view.
And this beautiful little house… Which really needs the roof to be scrubbed down…

Even more difficult was saying goodbye to my wonderful roommates who have been the best living companions anyone could ever ask for! I love you both so much and can’t WAIT to see you in July!
HOWEVER, I’m more than thrilled to be at my new job! Scratch ‘n sniff above to smell Falconer’s Flight hops!
Last week was full of brewing, keg cleaning and filling…
Delicious eats (that would be a burger with BACON and blue cheese IN the patty!)…
Delicious…er fermentation!
And my second to last trip for the artist. We went to Tucson. I got heatstroke. I got pretty rings to make myself feel better. That didn’t work well enough.
A local beer and a trip to the hotel pool, however, worked wonders!

And now I’m off to crash. Tomorrey is full of keg deliveries and pickups, location scouting and a trip to an awesome burger place in the evening!

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Injuries and Insanity

It’s been a crazy month. I’m sorry, I’ll catch you all up on Monday night, I promise! In addition to packing my room and house, getting smacked in the face with the leg of a 200+ pound couch, pulling a muscle in my leg that makes me walk with a limp and attempting to study for my Cicerone test, I went into North Hollywood to record some ADR for the short film I did so we can start submitting it to festivals.
Luckily, I didn’t have to drive all the way down to Orange for this one. Fancy microphone and a cardboard box with a pillow. DONE! Great to see Scott, my director, for the first time in over a year. Far too long, sir!

I then went home, spent the rest of the day packing, spent all of yesterday packing, spent all of today packing and injuring myself, and sat down to enjoy a Woodcut No. 5 Quadrupel by Odell Brewing. First, I would like to proclaim my complete adoration for Odell. One of my all-time favorite breweries. However…
Worst. Beer. Ever. I’m hoping I got a bad bottle, or that it’s just been sitting too long in my fridge and turned, but this was the worst beer I’ve ever tried. The nose is relatively pleasant – full of cherry and dried currant, there was no carbonation (the cork was wedged in so tightly that I needed my much stronger roommate to help me remove it) and after the first awkwardly sweet sip, a lingering bitter funk remained on the back of my tongue, and grew even more awful with time. I dumped out the ridiculously expensive bottle and poured myself a Little Sumpin Sumpin by Lagunitas. Much better.

So there’s a quick update on why I’ve been so sporadic in posting! Packing, injuries and more packing do not make for exciting blogs. Lucky for me (and for your viewing pleasure), I’m heading down to San Diego tomorrey to enjoy William Fitzsimmons in concert and visit a few breweries!

While you wait for the SD recap, go enter my growler giveaway! If you’re going to be in the Ventura/Los Angeles area anytime soon, enter to win a free growler! FREEEEEEEE!

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