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When Breweries Attack

Every time I write a new blog post I promise myself that I’ll start writing them more often. And then the brewery comes into play, wraps its oh-so-loving hands around my neck and directs every moment of my life. At … Continue reading

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Christmas, Breweries and Beer

It is so incredibly hard to get back into the swing of real life after a glorious 11 days being spoiled and pampered by my parental unit. Savory Christmas Bread Pudding aka Eggs Portugal. We have this every Christmas, Easter … Continue reading


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My Favorite Colorado Breweries

My Favorite Colorado Breweries (that I’ve actually visited in person. I’m not intentionally ignoring you, Avery or Left Hand! In fact, I’ll be there very soon for a visit!) It’s a couple of weeks overdue, but here’s a recap of … Continue reading


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Birthdays, Engagements and Breweries

Having a full time job plus working another job on the weekend makes for… no time for anything else in the world, like blogging. Or sleeping. Forgive me for my absence, but I took pictures to make up for the … Continue reading


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Microbreweries of Tempe

I’ve been working really hard to bring you guys some good beer stuff! We got to Tempe early on Thursday and had to wait for our room to be ready, so we headed to the hotel restaurant for some foods. … Continue reading


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March of Brews

Who’s ready for a picture-bomb post with short blurbs? A lot has happened in the last month and once again I’ve failed to blog regularly. If you want to keep up with me follow me on my personal Instagram or … Continue reading

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Days Off

I’m alive, but barely! Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration. I got wiped out Sunday with a fever and lovely lung issues. Therefore, I’ve been banned from the brewery and forced into a few “days off” until 48 hours after my … Continue reading

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Farewell 2014

Another year in the books! Business at the brewery has been absolutely crazy in a wonderful way. I get home every evening and blissfully collapse into the couch wrapped in a blanket, pint glass in hand (or tea on those … Continue reading

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Catching Up

Happy Thanksgiving! I started this post yesterday and then got slammed at the brewery, per usual. And it’s been almost a month since I had time to sit down and write a blog! I had a few days at the … Continue reading

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New Belgium Pairing Dinner

Last week I received a generous invite from owner Jeff at The Laboratory to join them for their first ever beer pairing dinner with New Belgium. Beer and food pairing? Of course I said yes! I’ve been dying to try … Continue reading

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